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Doves Above introduction
3 Cadham Crescent
t: 01592 562 042
m: 07500 151 151
e: info@doves-above.com
We can release up to 100 Doves allowing us to accomodate almost any request such as grand openings, special anniversaries, kids parties, christenings and graduations. For something different, why not have a dove released by your loved one on Valentine’s day from a specially decorated basket?

Our Birds
Descended from the 'Rock Dove' our birds are specially bred pure white homing pigeons. These are the only type of birds that can be released at ceremonies, as common 'garden doves' would perish in the wild.

Our birds are much loved family pets and therefore very precious to us. You can be rest assured that every attempt will be made to recover a lost bird and each of our birds carry an identity ring should they be found. It may not always be possible to release the 'doves' due to adverse weather conditions. In such cases a full refund of the release part will be made. This would not affect the display cages